grubość kookaburra & koala błąd w specyfikacji Perth Min

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grubość kookaburra & koala błąd w specyfikacji Perth Min

Postprzez tinfoilhat » 05 Maj 2013 14:55


jak to jest możliwe, że orły amerykańskie, które też mają 40,6 mm średnicy są cieńsze o cały 1 mm od australijczyków?

jak grube są wasze kooksy? Tylko bez erotycznych skojarzeń bo nie o te parametry pytam ;-).
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ktoś to już na to wpdał wcześniej

Postprzez tinfoilhat » 05 Maj 2013 15:00 ... eauty.aspx

can I ask, why do you persist in publishing a totally incorrect and physically impossible dimension for the coin?

For a 1oz .999 silver coin of 40.6mm diameter it is physically impossible for it to be 4mm thick. For a silver object, 1 Troy ounce must measure approximately 3800 cubic millimetres, and for a diameter of 40.6mm that means the coin can only be around 3mm thick. For a 40.6mm silver coin to be 4mm thickp it would be over 5100 cubic mm.

Interestingly the American Eagle is also .999 silver and is 40.6mm across. IT measures 2.98mm thick, and when compared side by side I would say is identical in thickness to the Kookaburra. To be 4mm thick the Kokkaburra and Koala would have to with contain 33% more silver than the Eagle (and the Moose, the Grizzly, the Maple and the Panda), or have about 60% by content of a much lighter metal. Either that, or your official 4mm measurement is incorrect.

As they say, size matters, and getting this right is important. People who are fearful of forgeries measure and weigh their coins. The Kook and Koala physically measure 3mm, not 4mm, and this is such a big difference I think it should be of concern to you that you are publishing the wrong measurments. I have emailed your customer services team but they do not think it is an issue and simply refered me, quite appallingly, to the official measurements.

I challenge you, measure a coin, and report back here or by email that it truly measures 4mm.
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Postprzez Toligniew » 05 Maj 2013 15:16

Pewnie błędnie przeliczyli cale na mm :)
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Postprzez pkas » 06 Maj 2013 13:02

No i zdaje się, że masz odpowiedź:

I have checked this with our technical people and, of course, you are absolutely correct.

However, we do state Maximum Thickness on the technical specification. In other words, the figure represents what the absolute ‘fattest’ part (i.e. the rim) could conceivable be at some point and the coin still be within tolerance.

It is quite clear though that the figure errs on the extreme side of caution. According to the note I received back from technical services, the actual thickness of a 40.6mm 1oz silver coin is around 2.9mm on the rim and closer to 2.6mm on the face/table area.

Thanks for raising the issue which will be reviewed by the marketing/technical team in the light of your concern about forgeries.
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